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About FMC Music

fmc music office

Hui Hvang Enterprise was established in year 1989, as a trading company. The company nature of activity when it first was as a wholesaler to cassette recorder. And the same time, company also the copyright owner for some of the Taiwanese artist.

As year come by, the year 1991, another production firm have been set up from our group and namely “Fantasia Music City” by short “FMC”. In which the company solely produce and operated into different entity to match the Malaysian market.

The company FMC first contracted with “Kumpulan Rio”, and follow by “Kumpulan EYE”, “Kumpulan Budak Kacamata” (in sequence).

Currently our company’s artist are the following:

• Tasha Manshahar
• Syed Shamim
• Grey Sky Morning
• Sissy Imann
• Syura
• Elyana
• Wani

The year 1999 another company from the group have been set up, by name of “FMC Music Sdn Bhd”. FMC Music Sdn Bhd is the member of MACP which handle the copyright for our in house composer into their lyrics and the melody of the song, example Patrick Kamis, Afiqah MS.

Being in a rapid grow society in Malaysia market, the year 2002 company FMC have produce their own Telemovie. The FMC not only using their own artist into production, also invited the famous artist locally. In which the collection are categorized into fancy, educated, romance and etc. And recently, FMC having demand on their Telemovie from Singapore.

The Hui Hvang group of companies had diversified a copyright owner to the region and also distributor for licensed movie and television series of all types into Malay market.